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SEO is the one way to get your online portal on top of google listing and Local SEO for multiple locations is the best form of SEO while enables one for optimizing a website so that products or services an online portal is selling, can easily be found on many other locations in a very systematic manner. This LOCAL SEO for multiple locations can be done by taking care of Google Places, NAP which is Name, Address, Phone and Domain and Company Name.

What does Local SEO for Multiple Locations mean?

Visibility while searching is the main factor of local SEO because it leads to a larger number of impressions and more traffic denotes the number of potential customers which may finally turn into the sales. There are many factors that affect the ranking s searches signals, but the most important one among them is the local factors. because it is a positive step for all small and local businesses as bigger businesses won’t outrank them. For organic searches, Link building strategy is the one thing to focus while paid ads only target to generate clicks, but local SEO helps in increasing the search visibility.

Benefits of Local SEO

You need to check both the search engines that will target your audiences to run a successful local SEO campaign. As you might know, Google and other search engines check location-based data when fetching the data for display. They offer data on location with maps and accurate addresses and many other specifications. Searchers can easily customize the searches based on the locations such as regions, states, cities. People can easily search with keywords like ‘Punjabi restaurant in Noida’. This way they can get the result according to their particular taste and preferences.

The strategy of SEO for Multiple Locations:

Maintain NAP that is named, address and place Consistency to create Your own Identity. NAP data is very important for any business who wants to get noticed on the web. Search engines such as Google and Bing only rely on NAP information while providing the most authentic and relevant information about the website. Consistent NAP data also helps to create your own identity and stand out from your competition in local searches, especially that for multiple locations.

Subfolder or Subdomain for Effective SEO Strategy

When making strategies of localized online presence for multi-location business, the first and foremost task is to come up with an effective strategy. The strategy formation should check the nature of your business and the resources available to you. It will be very difficult to maintain 20 different websites for different states for one business especially if you want them fully functioning. Of course, after so much of work, It is needless to say that you want them to rank and work well. Now, you have to make different type of ‘About Us’ page, ‘Service’ page and ‘Contact Us’ page.

Specific Location Pages for Better User Experience

If you are targeting an audience by local SEO for multi-location, it is important to check the content for each location. You will have to dedicate a completely unique URL for each and every location. This URL must be a part of your website sitemap just so search engines can easily index it. Your geographic content of each page should focus on some on-page elements, such as tags, titles, localized URLs and so on.

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