Latest Trends to Follow for Mobile Development

by admin February 7, 2018

Not only fashion world but there is one more industry which is also
booming at a larger pace and has been setting trends domain as well and that is mobile app development. There have been many changes in the trends that designers are looking for in 2018. Designers will learn to use some of the new trends in app technology which will enable you to convert your app development into a successful app formula.

This year is going to convert the world of app development technology where it will give you many changes on a spinning wheel to upgrade the demand and the needs of the hour. Whether it is app development or SEO to efficiently enhance user-experience, each and everything should be given equal importance and special attention to give a better experience of the mobile app. Let’s discuss latest trends of 2018 mobile app development which will be there to make your application be on top of the app market.

More Lighter and Faster

Faster and Lighter app: Genie Web Services
In this time where everything is fighting with time and satisfaction, Users are quite impatient and are extremely demanding. If anything or any app is taking time to open or work or doesn’t fit their taste, they stop juggling with that app and simply uninstall the app. They finally start proceeding with a new app. This is how it creates a quite competitive and struggling environment for a mobile app. It is now getting over anytime sooner. You need to come up with strategies which will help your app overcome this problem and make your size of app lighten and make it faster.

More security

App security: Genie Web Services
There are many apps which are dealing with security of app but that is not new. This is something all mobile app development company should keep in mind while making the app because no clients want an app that is not secured. This is the best thing in 2018 Security is the most significant bone in every mainstream-app regardless of the genre it carries. And the same can easily be achieved by encrypting the sensitive data, shifting to identify the data leakage and SSL data route.

Augmentation of Reality

Augmented reality Genie Web Services
Thanks to the recent Apple conference, it is clear that it will be an integral part of augmented reality development in order to keep users involved and hitched to your mobile app. The possibilities for AR to grow bigger in every industry are nondebatable and as per the recent reports, it is expected that the market AR and VR will fetch market in 2021. Thus integrating the AR and the VR functionalities is an unavoidable part of your mobile app for the
user base.

Many mobile app development companies have been experimenting with the new features and functionalities, the chances of your app getting rejected or uninstalled will grow higher only if your app carries the above-mentioned elements. Get in Touch with Genie Web Services which is the best company for app development which will assure you all the above services.


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