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by admin February 26, 2018

Everything You Need To Know For the extension limit of Meta Description
 by Google

Meta Description is a tag or snippet in HTML that appears in the head section of the HTML page. It usually looks like <Meta name=”description” content=”This is a description of my web page.”/>. This summarizes the content page for Google search engines which will help you in mentioning your page to Search engine page to boost the ranking. In short, it is a kind of tag that gives the short description about the page to Google and visitors. Sometimes Google shows Meta Description in SERPs which is a search snippet appearing as a just below the link. Sometimes you want to get Meta description content because Google might want to display page content only which is actually very relevant for users.

The word limit of Meta Description means the character which can be used in the description that was 155. But with recent updates, Google has not expanded the limit to 290-320. It is quite exciting and helpful for blogger and companies having a website. Now you can use more words which are up to 300-320 characters in your Meta Description to describe the page content. It’s a relevant and most awaited updates that will help the businesses and marketers to increase the characters they enter in Meta description Box and this will ensure the better performance than before.

After new update landed between people, it’s getting positive responses. Now you can easily write around 320 characters in your Meta Description box and it will help you in explaining your reference of content better in the search engines. This will help you and assist you to give the chance to increase the rank of your website and will promote your brand in SERPs. After the update done by Google, people are actually going back to change their Meta Description on their existing pages that they’ve written. But you don’t have to do this because Google has already noticed them and if you change the Meta description to them then it might affect their rank.

So now you can think as much as you can to put the content in Meta Description because now you have the access to 320 characters in the Meta description. For any such content which is related to digital marketing purpose, you can use the allowable space for many reasons and ways. The first and foremost, you can use it to help in giving the more in-depth synopsis of your article. This extra information about the content might be perfect and enough to get more clicks and traffic to your website.

Second, you can fill the Meta description space with related keywords which will search the terms and will show at first when someone will search. This will help you Google algorithm which will sense that you’re authentic but you should not think the expansion for stuffing keywords only because this will not take you anywhere soon. The third is, you can use the space which is twice the space we had earlier by adding clickbait texts. , Now you have more chances for clickbait text than in the past and this will help you get more clicks as well.

At last, it’s extremely beneficial to use them in your future posts leaving whatever you have written before alone. But you should use this space smartly to get positive outcomes soon. So, now is the time to enjoy this new space of more freedom of Meta Description. To solve any issues related web designing, website managing, development of the website, SEO, Software development and other website and app related problem, Get in Touch with Genie Web Services. We are best at providing services in these sectors efficiently and at a relatively low cost.


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