ways to protect your mobile app

Tips to Make Mobile Application More secured

  Because of ever-changing technology and revolution in the platforms of mobile development, there has been a constant growth noticed in the application development platforms. It is extremely courageous and has helped in the simplification of the whole process of mobile application creation. Th...

by admin February 22, 2018

Latest trends of App Development in 2018

Latest Trends to Follow for Mobile Development

Not only fashion world but there is one more industry which is also booming at a larger pace and has been setting trends domain as well and that is mobile app development. There have been many changes in the trends that designers are looking for in 2018. Designers will learn to use some of the &hell...

by admin February 7, 2018

Trends to follow for web design in 2018


With the services and every new technology and innovation, web design is always a tricky and fun business to deal with. You have to be updated with the trends to follow and to maintain a name in the market. Many innovations are going to be introduced in 2018 that designers are looking forward to, fo...

by admin February 5, 2018

CRM BY Genie web Services


CRM Application Development evolved with time and gives a complete solution to your business. CRM means Customer Relationship Management and it is a program which is designed to collect customer records at one place that every employee can access. It is immensely useful for servicing departments suc...

by admin January 25, 2018

Software Development

Important Steps for Website Development

Business is something with which owner of the company dream and try everything to make them true. Now the question is with such a high competition how will you stand up? Your company is the outcome of years and years long well-planned strategies. With this tough competition in the market to fight fo...

by admin January 20, 2018

Attract More Customers with a well designed website

Do you think Science is hard, then you haven’t tried web designing Web Designing is gaining reputation nowadays as each and every company feeling the need of a website. Working to develop a website to fulfil company’s demand and expectation not only means constantly learning new language...

by admin December 14, 2017

Search Engine Optimization: A Crucial & Critical Ladder

SEO-Search Engine optimization is helpful to increase website’s position on Search Engine Result page. It defines the number of visitors that will visit your website and how many of them are actually using the products and services. Creating and developing a website is important for any busine...

by admin November 15, 2017

How to trick social media for safe business.

Having an access of a website for business is important for any business. But Apart from having a website, you have to outreach to people through social media platforms. Being a part of modern generation, where everything is evolving and changing every minute, Social media sites such as Twitter, Fac...

by admin November 15, 2017

Manage & Nurture Your Workforce Automatically by Employee Management System Software

Genie web services providers equip you with corporate tools for tracking and employee-centered administrative tasks for all manner of enterprises. HRMS, employee management system combines systems and processes, which link human resource management and data via customized software. Human Resources M...

by admin October 12, 2017

SEO for Traffic

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is actually getting your website showing on the first pages of search results. Forget about being on the page 2 or 3 , first page is where you will get the Benefits. Very few people clicks on the page 2 , so being on the first page is what …

by admin October 6, 2017

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