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Mobile App Development: A crucial Ladder for Business

by admin April 18, 2018

Development of a well functioned Mobile app is a more defined way to reach your audience, no matter what kind of business you own from offering services to your customer to owning an E-commerce business.

Having a mobile application for your business is crucial for staying aware of your customers. Since we all know that user is more engagement for internet through mobile than the engagement by the desktop. Thus, to attract traffic you should stay aware of your mobile app and you should promote your business on that app. The mobile app will call up as the best step to keep up your business in the competition as the user looks for app due to the app expansion for better interactions and therefore it ensures more benefit than any other way.

Mobile app development can be divided into two parts which are actually important for deciding the features of app type based on the features of the device. These are-

Mobile App Development
App development for business growth

Mobile App Development for iPhone– You can target all those users who use an iPhone to add an extra inch to your business. You just have to develop an application compatible with iPhone for your customers. To expand your business and benefits you have to target your audience.

Mobile App Development for Android- Google always supported Android platform. If you want to target your Android customers you have to develop android application for increasing your business.

App Development
App Development for Business

Why Mobile App for Business-

Mobile app development will cater your many parts by increasing the reach for you to target clients and traffic. It will automatically enhance your visibility and gives you the platform to connect with customers who have no access to the desktop. This ultimately helps to build a better relationship with the customer. This will increase the customer interaction by generating notifications for the customer. It gives you faster experience with an efficient interface to function offline.

These are the just the basic advantages you are having a mobile app for your business accomplishments. The mobile app is the main and best way to make giant e-commerce companies famous like Amazon, eBay and so on.

These apps give better assistance to these companies to generate repetitive business from customers. One major reason for Android to lag behind is that iOS app is getting optimized. Apart from main and giant android apps, all the 3rd party apps work like upscaled mobile apps. Things are getting improved over the years but that improvement is not enough. At the starting phase of mobile app
development, apps were more known for promoting as mono purpose device transformers. Using phones as a calculator, a messenger or a map!

Slowly with the technological advancement, the apps evolved to serve more needs. By the starting of 2015, apps became more contextually aware and started serving more purpose. The major focus was on the usefulness of the app rather than on stuffing it with extra and useless features. Adding more contextual signals like location, sensors, user history, and predictions, apps started giving more of a tailor-made experience. In today’s time app development has deeply integrated for better assistance with analytics.

With every passing year, app development made the stand on the ground even more strong and now to expand the business and make more profits it is the best way to get an app for the services you provide or the e-commerce the business you have.

You can just contact Genie Web Services and you are pretty much sorted with the app development. We have a highly skilled team of Android and app developer which will make the app just as you wanted and deliver it on time at the relatively cheaper price.

Tricks For OFF Page SEO To Get Better Traffic

by admin April 3, 2018

Everyone knows what a proper SEO can do to your business and how important it is for the good ranking of an online website. But, people stop at a point to make the website appealing and informative. Things don’t happen in one go. Don’t expect people will magically start discussing, talking about your brand and Googling your website. That too much to ask in the middle of the competition. There are many ways to trick the traffic towards your website so people actually come and see your products and services.

To rank higher in the society and internet, you need to take certain key points and put it around everybody’s mindset that you’ve just moved. By moving means you, ve set many standards just to give them better services. In this process, off-page SEO will help you. It will help by improving your website’s position in Google ranking or SERP. Let,s discuss some of the best off-page SEO tricks that will make a ladder to climb up the steps in search ranking.

Social Media

Social Media For SEO
Importance of Social Media for Off Page SEO


Social media is an inseparable part of everyone’s life because, Well, everyone uses it every time! This is why it is very important to get your brand registered on social media platforms with an active presence. Be active on almost all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, to Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Focus towards having high DA, PA, and PR, and you can easily exploit social media for your benefits. You might be wondering, what are DA, PA, and PR mean. Well, DA means domain authority. This is responsible to tell you how good your website is to rank high in the Google search results. PA is page authority that gets calculated for individual pages. MOZ gifted DA and PA are gifts to the coding world. PR is page rank that gets calculated according to the PageRank of Google just to tank your website.

Submit In the Form Of Media

There are many forms of media available like plenty of images, video, and infographic submission sites that are highly effective and beneficial to provide a good ranking. These help you by allowing tags, description, and reference links for the media element. These websites are quite impressive as they have a very high DA and PA that can help you make better quality backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking For SEO
Bookmarking is a step for SEO


Social bookmarking is still the best way to get more traffic, desired visitors, more followings, and faster indexing. But there are some rules that you should follow while submitting your website’s details. First, you have to create social media profiles of your business on every platform like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Second, Always go with quality over quantity as Google is very strict about the rules. Third, 80:20 is the ratio you should keep in mind while bookmarking for informative and promotional respectively.

Online Link Submission

Link Submission For Off Page SEO
Link Submission is important for SEO


With link submission, you’re sending the message of your presence out loud and clear. It will solely depend on the work you will do the impact of it. These sites just work like social bookmarking sites, The one thing is new that the sharing option is disabled here, and that’s why it made with just of entering your name in the search bar of search engines.

End Result

Once the off page Seo is done perfectly, your job is almost done just by writing great quality content. After that comes promotion of work so that it reaches the population. And to do that, again OFF PAGE SEO will help you. These off-page SEO solutions will help you increase the ranking than ever in the search engine results. Or just by getting in touch with Genie Web Sevices, you don’t have to be worried about anything. We have the skilled team of SEO which will solve your problems and also help you get the better ranking.